What games we look forward to on PS4 in 2018 (we game on the go)

The popularity of PlayStation comes from its ability to offer gamers great and amazing games that keep them glued all the day. In 2018 there is a lot to expect from PlayStation 4 and some of the games coming up have already leaked and they are as follows;

  1. Shadow of the Colossus

This game was launched in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 but now is out for the PlayStation 4 owners and now it’s even better and great. Shadow of the Colossus gives you an excellent gaming experience with quality features and graphics is more than a standard video game.

  1. God of War

Another new game to expect 2018 is the God of War although the stars look like bald-headed from the current games, Kratos comes with a different look. Kratos is now a father and a family character. The game most probably will be launched on 20th April keep watching your calendar as you wait for this wonderful game.

  1. Detroit Become Human

This game is based on humanity future and artificial intelligence. The game will be focusing on the future version of Detroit city which is now an intelligent robot manufacturing hub. The game features Kara as the first robot looking for freedom. Detroit Become Human is a game about consciousness and what life means from a robot perspective you don’t have to miss this story. The game is scheduled for release on 25th may.

You can learn more about this game here.

  1. Spider- Man

The 2018 Spider-Man come with advanced features which will include the New York City which will enable you to swing and increased number of enemies. You will love the new features in this game and if you were enjoying the previous Spider-Man, 2018 will be another year of great gaming experience and fun.

There are other many games coming up on PS4 2018 such as Dreams, Death Stranding among others that Sony is yet to leak but expect better gaming experience this year.