Handymen and Their Right to Travel

Beauvais, F-60 Palais épiscopal, actuellement MUDO, musée de l'OiseTraveling—looking for landmarks, taking photos of beautiful pavilions, visiting museums—is an excellent reward for a handyman who has been working his/her ass off for the past months or years.

Going to Beauvais, France, enjoying a cup of coffee near the city, gazing at the beauty of old palaces, taking a good look at collections in museums sound great.

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Working as a handyman isn’t easy. Handymen fix ceilings, walls, doors; install floorings; paint a whole room (or house); deal with plumbing problems; clean up your patio with a pressure washer; carry and use heavy saws; perform gardening tasks; split wood; set up furniture pieces; sand wooden projects; and more. They solve small to huge problems in your home and yet they barely get time to travel.


Handymen deserve time for themselves. They deserve to go from one landmark to another, one tourist spot to another, one country to another. They, of all people in the world, have the right to travel because they keep homes safe from physical danger and parents from worries. They keep houses clean and in their best condition to help the residents feel safe.

Some handymen don’t get much from their job, which is why some of them work twice as hard as experts or as the fortunate ones. And because of this, they don’t have much money to spend on a vacation and time to spare for one. This makes you a lot more considerate to your handyman, doesn’t it? Even if their career is just contractual, it wouldn’t hurt you to give them extra if they’ve done an excellent job and exceeded your expectations. It would make them work harder next time, and that’s not just because of the additional money they received, but because you trusted them even more and appreciated their determination and hard work.


Their job shouldn’t just be about traveling to one house and then to another just so they can fix or build stuff. Once in a while, it would be beneficial for their mental and physical health to travel to one place and then to another just so they can enjoy the view. Everyone deserves some time off, and handymen aren’t machines; they’re part of “everyone.”