Coffee and Theater

Coffee and theater go well together even if you check out history. There’s also what they call café theatre, where people put on shows in a small café. It’s entertainment in a coffee shop, to be exact. Café theatres host different people with different shows, ranging from theatrical presentations to singing concerts. Improvisational theater is even encouraged.


Today, café theaters have become bigger—they now cater spoken poetry and hilarious shows too. People come for the coffee and get more in return. They go home with their stomachs filled and their minds and hearts satisfied.

the-north-cape-cafe-theaterCafé theaters offer more than just good coffee and good food—they also provide a place for amusement, fun, and relaxation. No wonder a lot of people are reading In-depth comparisons of coffee equipment in preparation for their own coffee shop in the near future!

Coffee and theater are a good combination for the heart and mind. They have mental benefits that can help you destress and enjoy a bit of downtime with a lot of laughter.

Even Starbucks knows how well coffee and theater go together since they’ve already announced that they’ll open their biggest coffee chain in New York City this year and will be serving “coffee as theater.” Now, we may not know what that exactly means, but if the place is a 20,000-square-foot roastery, then we know it’s going to be one hell of a coffee shop.


Coffee as theater may refer to coffee being served as if it’s the protagonist in a play, but whatever it is, it’s just proof that coffee and theater are a good pair. Not only do they make you feel good, but they also open up new opportunities for learning new knowledge and gaining new friends. You can never go wrong if you join coffee and theater. And that has already been proven and tested for years.