Planning a Trip to Japan


Planning a trip to Japan for the first time can be overwhelming. There are simply so many destinations, attractions, and things to do that you will want to explore. But unless you are thinking of staying indefinitely, you have to squeeze in as much as you can in the time you are there. Here are some things worth doing if to make the most of your adventures in Japan.

1. Consider exploring the Golden Triangle of Japan — a journey that you can start from Tokyo to Kyoto to Nara and back. Or you can go for the Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka route and see some of these cities’ iconic landmarks and attractions.

2. If you have long distance train trips on your itinerary, make sure to buy the Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) before you leave. The JR Pass is the cheapest way you can travel long distances by train when in the country and can only be purchased outside the country. You can choose from the 7-day, 14-day, and 21-day options to enjoy the unlimited rides on JR trains during your trip.

3. Book your accommodation in advance. This not only helps you choose the accommodation that best fits your requirements and budget. It also prevents the unnecessary trouble of looking for a suitable place to stay at the last minute.

4. Enjoy the Japanese culinary cuisine and culture. Taste as many of the must-try dishes as you can by eating local foods. Get your fill of sushi, soba, gyoza, ramen, okonomiyaki, and so much more. And discover the wide array of traditional sweets as well as the many unique and quirky flavors of Japanese Kit Kats among others.