6 Fascinating Neighborhoods in and around Seoul

There are places that you would not mind getting lost into. In Seoul, there is a long list of fascinating neighborhoods that make for delightful meanderings and interesting discoveries. Here are some of the coolest spots for some Seoulful wanderings.

Located in the district of Jongno known for its wide array of top tourist attractions, the charming neighborhood of Buam-dong offers a quiet respite not so far from the heart of the city. Nestled by beautiful nature scenery, the place boasts of coffee shops, galleries, and other must-see sites like Baeksa Valley and Seoul Fortress Wall among others.

Bukchon Hanok Village
Bukchon Hanok Village
This is one of the most famous residential neighborhoods in Seoul best known for its Korean traditional houses called hanoks. Not to be missed when in the area are the Bukchon Cultural Center, Changdeokgung Palace, and Cha Masineun Tteul tea house.

Hapjeong has earned a reputation as one of the hipster neighborhoods in Seoul. It is teeming with cafes, restaurants, galleries, shops, and entertainment hubs. Some of the neighborhoods top attractions include Bau House Cafe and its resident pups as well as its famous Café Street.

Sitting next to one of South Korea’s top universities, Hongdae is a neighborhood known for its vibrant nightlife. It is teeming with bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, and entertainment spots among many other attractions.

Food, art, and culture are some of the best reasons to make a detour to this charming neighborhood located near top tourist attractions like Gyeongbokgung Palace and Gwanghwamun Square. Take a leisurely stroll at the main street lined with galleries, shops that sell traditional arts and crafts, cafes, and restaurants. Wander into side streets and small alleyways to discover more of this soulful neighborhood.

One of Seoul’s top shopping destinations, Myeongdong offers plenty of things to see and do not to mention the mouthwatering foods you can find at street stalls, cafes, and restaurants in the area. Walk along the stretch of main shopping street and check out some of the best fashion and cosmetic items you can find. Explore, eat, shop, and soak in the vibe of this captivating neighborhood.

Handymen and Their Right to Travel

Beauvais, F-60 Palais épiscopal, actuellement MUDO, musée de l'OiseTraveling—looking for landmarks, taking photos of beautiful pavilions, visiting museums—is an excellent reward for a handyman who has been working his/her ass off for the past months or years.

Going to Beauvais, France, enjoying a cup of coffee near the city, gazing at the beauty of old palaces, taking a good look at collections in museums sound great.

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Working as a handyman isn’t easy. Handymen fix ceilings, walls, doors; install floorings; paint a whole room (or house); deal with plumbing problems; clean up your patio with a pressure washer; carry and use heavy saws; perform gardening tasks; split wood; set up furniture pieces; sand wooden projects; and more. They solve small to huge problems in your home and yet they barely get time to travel.


Handymen deserve time for themselves. They deserve to go from one landmark to another, one tourist spot to another, one country to another. They, of all people in the world, have the right to travel because they keep homes safe from physical danger and parents from worries. They keep houses clean and in their best condition to help the residents feel safe.

Some handymen don’t get much from their job, which is why some of them work twice as hard as experts or as the fortunate ones. And because of this, they don’t have much money to spend on a vacation and time to spare for one. This makes you a lot more considerate to your handyman, doesn’t it? Even if their career is just contractual, it wouldn’t hurt you to give them extra if they’ve done an excellent job and exceeded your expectations. It would make them work harder next time, and that’s not just because of the additional money they received, but because you trusted them even more and appreciated their determination and hard work.


Their job shouldn’t just be about traveling to one house and then to another just so they can fix or build stuff. Once in a while, it would be beneficial for their mental and physical health to travel to one place and then to another just so they can enjoy the view. Everyone deserves some time off, and handymen aren’t machines; they’re part of “everyone.”

Coffee and Theater

Coffee and theater go well together even if you check out history. There’s also what they call café theatre, where people put on shows in a small café. It’s entertainment in a coffee shop, to be exact. Café theatres host different people with different shows, ranging from theatrical presentations to singing concerts. Improvisational theater is even encouraged.


Today, café theaters have become bigger—they now cater spoken poetry and hilarious shows too. People come for the coffee and get more in return. They go home with their stomachs filled and their minds and hearts satisfied.

the-north-cape-cafe-theaterCafé theaters offer more than just good coffee and good food—they also provide a place for amusement, fun, and relaxation. No wonder a lot of people are reading In-depth comparisons of coffee equipment in preparation for their own coffee shop in the near future!

Coffee and theater are a good combination for the heart and mind. They have mental benefits that can help you destress and enjoy a bit of downtime with a lot of laughter.

Even Starbucks knows how well coffee and theater go together since they’ve already announced that they’ll open their biggest coffee chain in New York City this year and will be serving “coffee as theater.” Now, we may not know what that exactly means, but if the place is a 20,000-square-foot roastery, then we know it’s going to be one hell of a coffee shop.


Coffee as theater may refer to coffee being served as if it’s the protagonist in a play, but whatever it is, it’s just proof that coffee and theater are a good pair. Not only do they make you feel good, but they also open up new opportunities for learning new knowledge and gaining new friends. You can never go wrong if you join coffee and theater. And that has already been proven and tested for years.

Planning a Trip to Japan


Planning a trip to Japan for the first time can be overwhelming. There are simply so many destinations, attractions, and things to do that you will want to explore. But unless you are thinking of staying indefinitely, you have to squeeze in as much as you can in the time you are there. Here are some things worth doing if to make the most of your adventures in Japan.

1. Consider exploring the Golden Triangle of Japan — a journey that you can start from Tokyo to Kyoto to Nara and back. Or you can go for the Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka route and see some of these cities’ iconic landmarks and attractions.

2. If you have long distance train trips on your itinerary, make sure to buy the Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) before you leave. The JR Pass is the cheapest way you can travel long distances by train when in the country and can only be purchased outside the country. You can choose from the 7-day, 14-day, and 21-day options to enjoy the unlimited rides on JR trains during your trip.

3. Book your accommodation in advance. This not only helps you choose the accommodation that best fits your requirements and budget. It also prevents the unnecessary trouble of looking for a suitable place to stay at the last minute.

4. Enjoy the Japanese culinary cuisine and culture. Taste as many of the must-try dishes as you can by eating local foods. Get your fill of sushi, soba, gyoza, ramen, okonomiyaki, and so much more. And discover the wide array of traditional sweets as well as the many unique and quirky flavors of Japanese Kit Kats among others.